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Is Automatic Internet Millionaire a scam?

Automatic Internet Millionaire a scam

How many times have you gotten an email or read a website that
promised you would get rich over night?

A bunch I bet.

Their are a lot of Internet Millionaires out there now, They
just didn’t get that way over night. Some got there in a few
months. Most took years.

I have been trying to earn online for years myself. For me,
the problem has always been affordable advertising. Or
maybe I should say, finding advertising that delivers real
targeted visitors.
I think that most people give up on the dream of earning
online because they get ripped off so many times for their
advertising dollar.

I believe that there are many good programs out there to
choose from, But folks get frustrated and disappointed
because they believe that they are getting plenty of traffic
to their offer but know one ever opts in or signs up.

I know that is the biggest frustration for most marketers.
And a great deal of the time, it’s not that the traffic is
untargeted or really bad, I think that it’s because most
folks just can’t afford to pay for enough good traffic to
get their program off the ground.

Now that’s my opinion and I think most folks would agree
with me.

I started seeing a couple of websites a while back that really
peeked my curiosity, And maybe you have seen it yourself.
They call themselves A.I.M. which stands for “Automatic
Internet Millionaire”.
In fact, The email that I received from the group said, “How
to become and Automatic Internet Millionaire in 24 months”.

I was curious so I reviewed the website and opted in to see
what it was all about.

The A.I.M. system is set up to build four programs that have
been online from 5-12 years, So each individual program is
proven and solid.
I have heard of these 4 programs.Yes, They have a co-
op marketing system and do all the marketing for you.

One of the things that convinced me was the fact that they
send constant traffic to their system, So it is just a
matter of simple math. If you have consistent targeted traffic
coming to your website then you will eventually get sign ups.

The other factor that I thought of is that all of the programs
in the system are MLM. That means that if the A.I.M. system
didn’t work, Then the guys running it wouldn’t be able to
build it either.
They have to have sign ups and retention also or it wouldn’t
do them any good.

I would recommend that you click here and review this system
yourself. Go ahead and opt-in for the information, You can
unsubscribe at the click of a button.

For me, I declined to join because of the saturation factor. As
I said previously, The four programs in the system have been
pretty worked over. So if you do join I think you can expect
a long long road to that million bucks unless you really no how
to market for yourself.

There are several folks out there that do know how to market
and build a team. I chose to go a different path and joined
a different team with a fresher program.
Same concept, Different program. Newer, Fresher, And has
to do more with teaching and training people how the internet
works and how marketing works online. They also have a
advertising co-op which is free to participate if you join the

Click here to review my chosen program.

Brent A. Bush

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